Social Media Etiquette

Some Do’s & Don’ts! Growing up we all we all taught how to behave, show respect, how to be polite and courteous, right? Nowadays, for many they seemed to have missed the ‘Social Media Etiquette Memo’ and are unfortunately missing the mark, on applying some critical Social Media Etiquette – in a world where your […]

Human Behaviour

Nicola Brunton – Owner – Officiumns Thoughts and ramblings As I sit and start to write this months blog, I would normally draw on recent happenings, either from life, close friends or business, but given the enormity of the current worlds every-changing model, I really struggled to put pen-to-paper this month. So I thought I’d […]

A Blog on Blogs?

Nicola Brunton – Partner – Officiumns Blogs – What, why & how …  WELCOME! to our first ever, inaugural, maiden, primary, initial blog … I think you get the idea, right. We thought it apt to write about, The What, Why and How of a blog, simple right? If I’m being completely honest, I couldn’t think of anything […]