Social Media Etiquette

Some Do’s & Don’ts!

Quack, quack, quack …

Growing up we all we all taught how to behave, show respect, how to be polite and courteous, right? Nowadays, for many they seemed to have missed the ‘Social Media Etiquette Memo’ and are unfortunately missing the mark, on applying some critical Social Media Etiquette – in a world where your social media is forever out there once posted, it pays to try and stick to some form of order … and keep those ‘little ducks in a row’

In my blog we will look at some common Social Media Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts

Connection or disconnected?

I believe that some of the problem for the lack of social media etiquette is the feeling of disconnection or non-connection between people, we can post anywhere, anytime and sometimes in any altered state (sleep deprived or after a wine or four!!). Would we go down the street in our PJ’s or go to work or friends house? (some might! BUT as a rule most of us wouldn’t). So this, sometimes cavalier approach to our Social Media just requires a little more care & attention!

– Keep Business & Personal seperate …

In all honesty this is a tough one, we are all struggling to find our place, be heard and seen on social media, particularly for business and to ‘connect and best authentic’ etc etc …. You can certainly achieve this, by being consistent with your posts with branding and colours, so your followers recognise automatically professional and business posts.

– Think before you share …

If you’re in business, then your social media is probably the first thing a new client may see, so be mindful of what you are posting. This seems obvious, but sometimes in the rush or pressure to ‘get something posted’ the basics can be overlooked!

Hootsuite infographic

This great infographic from Hootsuite is a great way to check before posting.

– Tag, share and comment …

We tend to forget that social media is and is officially defined as a way to allow us to share information and communicate with others …

Social Media: websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate and share information on the internet using a computer or mobile phone

Cambridge English Dictionary

For me personally, I find this element of Social Media Etiquette really important. Lets be realistic, being in business is hard work some days, so a shout-out, mention or being tagged in a post is like your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning …. AMAZING … such a small gesture is a nod (or a virtual hug / handshake) to you and your business.

When re-posting, always consider others x

I recently came across (by accident) a local business, that I follow and they had saved a post of mine, cropped it so my social media tag @officiumns wasn’t showing and used a sparkly filter over it and reposted to their Instagram Stories …. Now, don’t get me wrong I love the fact that another business thought one of my posts was worthy enough to use – what’s that quote by Oscar Wilde“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” But this is a great example of how (in my mind) applying some Social Media Etiquette would have been perfect, still posting, but just a simple shoutout, mention or tag along the lines of …. ‘Sharing a fab post today …. don’t forget its …

You guys get the picture!!

Hope this has been helpful for you and your Social Media Etiquette.

Thanks for checking in today and reading my January 2021 blog! As always, I do not consider myself a writer, or an expert in topics or a wordsmith. I’m sure some of you will spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …). It’s about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

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Nicola Brunton – Owner – Officiumns

Pain Points – What are yours?

What the? Huh?

Pain Points –  That’s an odd phrase or use of words, right? What on earth are they? 

Pain Points – What are yours & what are they? In this months blog I take a slightly different path, looking at personal and business pain points combined.

From a business perspective, a Pain Point is: 

‘A specific problem, that prospective customers of YOUR BUSINESS are experiencing and are normally quite varied’.

(Source: Wordstream – pain points)

From a personal perspective, a Pain Point is something completely different: 

What did you do? What a pain!

Leaving the dribble of milk in the container, in the fridge!, cap off the toothpaste or the empty toilet role.  

Pain points certainly don’t discriminate, they enter our lives both personally and if we are in business.  You might have or still experience physical, mental or emotional pain.   How we deal with these be can very similar. 

For those that don’t know I have a chronic from of arthritis called Ankylosing spondylitis – AS for short. Having this chronic pain, caused major havoc earlier in my life, and I believe, on a somewhat basic level, (plus other factors too) this was made worse by me, staunchly ignoring my ‘very obvious’ pain points (which were basically screaming at me!).   Consoquently my AS is now very well managed now thanks to a glorious team of amazing doctors, nurses and clinic superstars and me, making much healthier choices.  I suppose my point is, that it’s very much about how we approach and see these issues. How we handle these, both in our personal life in business life this can the shape how we manage them. 

How do you manage your pain points?  Maybe take some time to consider – Is it working for you or are your pain points, just that, A PAIN? 

Enough about me, let’s look at some common areas where they arise in business: 

Brainstorm what might be your pain points
  • Financial
  • Productivity
  • Process
  • Support
How to figure it out

How do you identify these in business? Normally, pain points are identified through conducting qualitative research (this looks at individual responses to open ended questions).  

Other ways to identify, is through your sales team and see what pain points they see.

You are ultimately ‘listening’ to your customer.  Sadly, not all businesses are in a position to undertake research, it can be expensive as well as timely. Don’t forget you can get this information by talking to your customers directly, one-on-one or through personalised surveys.  

So, you have your information – what’s next? Lets look at a couple of examples: 

Pain Points & Online Shopping

Online Shopping – the ‘add to cart’ experience. I can feel you all winching! We’ve all experienced the frustrating, overtly complex; just plan hard work online shopping experience!! We all have.  We have all become quite intolerant of bad e-commerce sites, if the checkout process is not seamless and easy to navigate – it normally results in cart / purchases abandonment = loss of sale for you.   This remains a big pain point for consumers.  E-commerce sites and hosting platforms have had to up their game and make the process easier to learn and navigate in the last two to three years.   

Solving the problem through transformation

Pain Points – Web Chat or Live Chat

Web chat or live chat is another great way to help with your possible customer pain points.   As an example, I have extras health insurance and when I have a question, I head straight to their website, as I know there is live chat where my problem can be sorted straight away.

Currently trending on social media platforms, is the free guides or downloadable templates for social media planners, content planners, How to write content, How to write emails, digital marketing ect, etc, etc! …. If you need it, someone has created it and it may be showing up in your social feeds!! These are predominantly for lead generation, but they can also be a platform for fixing pain points that your ‘potential customers’ may be experiencing, and offering up the solutions in front of them.  

What’s next?

Take-five to consider how you address your pain points. In summary, my hope is that you will be open to listening and hearing your pain points, while they can be boring they are important. They will not right themselves, they need action.

“The boring side of business is what makes it work”

Alan Sugar

Till next time …

Thanks for reading our August 2020 blog! As always, I do not consider myself a writer, or an expert in topics or a wordsmith. I’m sure some of you will spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …). It’s about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

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Nicola Brunton – Owner – Officiumns

So, how are you doing?

Nicola Brunton – Owner – Officiumns


So, how are you doing? At the moment, for many this question is SO overwhelmingly daunting, but also being greatly overshadowed – by simply just trying to keep your business, sanity or working livelihood afloat! 

The end of April is just around the corner and the questions still lurks out there, when will some normality return for us, for the business owners, for the workers – for everyone. 

If one thing has become blatantly clear these past few weeks and months, it is that our old ‘normal’ is fast becoming, a fading, fond memory. 

While the Government and States are providing stimulus packages and services to struggling business (that qualify!). This, sadly doesn’t help with the essentials and what I like to call the ‘now’ of business.  I certainly do envy their job in having to navigate the country through this. Yet there is a sense of comfortableness they have, that we don’t. 

Impact on established businesses

As a small business owner myself, (and I mean small). I’m a sole trader… just me!  I have seen, first hand, the devastating impact and effects, when businesses literally close overnight.  A lovely, long-time client has closed her health clinic, established for over 10 years … closed within two days.  

Everyone is making such hard choices …

I would love to share a hopefully, uplifting story. Faith is the owner of Homemade Bliss, on the Sunshine Coast and like so many of us has been severely impacted by COVID-19.  In late March Faith made the hardest decision in her 11 years of business. She stood down her staff as she had lost 95% of her wholesale customers. These came directly from the restaurant and café wholesale trade. Loosing their business due to the restrictions currently in place.  These decisions that business owners are forced to make are done with the heaviest of hearts. BUT also with a vision to the future for wanting to keep their businesses afloat.  

With many fixed overheads still in place, reinventing what we do seems to our ‘new normal’ for the coming months.  Homemade Bliss are working hard and focussing on ‘Grab and Go’ boxes. These are for cafes and home delivery boxes too. All featuring a stunning mix of Homemade Bliss goodies.  Collaboration with other struggling businesses has been another way to gain maximum exposure as well. 

We all have something to offer

If I’m being honest, this is a really shitty time for many. BUT, beyond the tears, stress, heartache is the amazing strength, perseverance, positive and embracing nature of the community and sheer determination that we all possess. 

The We are all in this together’ has never been truer and as business owners now is the time to share your stories, ask for help if needed, try your best to navigate through this unique and uncertain time. 

Part of what I do for my clients is short video tutorials or tips and tricks.  Given many of us have be thrown into the abyss of loosing core staff or having to rethink how we manage our business. I am more than happy to assist anyone that needs help at the moment. If I can assist with a video to answer your questions, whether its about posting to social media, dealing with Mailchimp or website questions!! I’m more than happy to help, if I can.

Just ask …

 no strings, no charge

Email me:

Call me: 5375 6152

or comment below xo

By no means do I consider myself a writer. Nor an expert in topics, or a wordsmith. I’m some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

Human Behaviour

Nicola Brunton – Owner – Officiumns

Thoughts and ramblings

Thoughts and ramblings on human behaviour in March 2020

As I sit and start to write this months blog, I would normally draw on recent happenings, either from life, close friends or business, but given the enormity of the current worlds every-changing model, I really struggled to put pen-to-paper this month. So I thought I’d talk about ‘us’ and our human behaviour.

Photojournalism and human behaviour

I have always been a ‘people watcher’ and love to observe humans as they go about their lives. Always looking far beyond the tangible and the ‘now’.  I also have a passion for photojournalism.  The thought or concept of being able to capture in a single frame, a feeling / thought or moment as a photo, was simply astonishing to me. 

I’m certainly not immune to the current feeling of the unknown or fear that so many are experiencing with COVID-19. I check everyday the WHO COVID-19 Dashboard to follow the changes and trends, and tell myself, “we are doing OK!”.

Human behaviour - stay at home
Stay at Home

It’s natural, as humans that the minute we are told or asked to do something slightly different, we question it. Some even rebel!! It is possible to change our human behaviour … If you can, stay at home.

I love how the comical type skits, parodies of tube rides (from you bathroom), celebrities posting selfie videos, Talk show hosts recording from home and singers checking in, are flowing on various forms of social media …

We all cope in different ways. 

The harder things to watch unfold and experience are the devastating affects of job losses, businesses suffering or closing, parents with children in schools, parents with grown children living away from home and so much more. 

Looking for guidance is found in many ways. Some through our government, our faith, our family and friends, submerging ourselves with binge TV on Netflix, TV, Prime or YouTube.   However you find YOUR way to cope, it’s the right way for you.  For the introverts, it probably feels a bit like ‘business as normal! But for the more social among us, this period of time is an odd one. We know for sure that this will pass and we will flatten the curve. 

In conclusion, below are a selection of contact number and links: Feel assistance, help bring a smile or fill in the day and general interest.

Covid-19 Help & Hotlines

If you are quarantined at home and have no support to deliver food and medicine then call the Community Recovery Hotline – 1800 173 349

National Coronavirus Helpline – 1800 020 080
Domestic Violence Hotline – 1800 737 732
Mental Health Access Line – 1300 642 255
Kids Helpline – 1800 551 800
Queensland Health – 13 43 25 84
Lifeline – 13 11 14
Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636

Emergency Business Hotlines:
Federal Government Hotline – 13 28 46
Queensland Business Hotline – 1300 654 687
Australian Tax Office Hotline – 1800 806 218
Centrelink Hotline – 13 74 68

Virtual Tours and Museums:  (Please note, virtual tours will normally require a ‘flash player’. This may put a heavier than normal strain on your computer or device, ie could be slower (but worth it!)


The Lourve Museum – Paris

Egyptian Antiquities – Collections from the Pharaonic period are displayed on the east side of the Sully wing, on the ground floor and 1st floor.

Galerie d’Apollon – The Galerie d’Apollon, situated above the Petite Galerie, was destroyed by fire in 1661 and rebuilt by Le Vau. The ceiling, begun by Le Brun, is a homage to the Sun King, Louis XIV. The central panel, Apollo Slaying the Serpent Python, is by Delacroix (1851). The gallery was recently restored.

Guggenheim Museum – Online collections.

Guggenheim Museum – from home

Comedians / Celebrities/Talk Show Hosts:

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Fallon – Stay at Home Edition

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Art & Culture:

Sir Patrick Stewart Reading a Sonnet a Day

Andrew Lloyd Webber – A composer at home

National Geographic Image Collections – The National Geographic Image Collection is one of the world’s most significant photography archives. Its tens of millions of images capture the planet (and beyond) as explored by scientists, adventurers, writers, and photographers, from the 19th century through today.

Around the world seen by drone:

Eiffel Tower – Drone footage

Over Iceland – Drone footage

DubaiDrone footage

Thanks again for reading our March 2020 blog looking at human behaviour (…and it’s been a long and interesting month!). By no means do I consider myself a writer, expert in topics or a wordsmith and some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

Change & Trust

Nicola Brunton – Owner – Officiumns

Change – are you changing when you need to?

Photo by Bluehouse Skis on Unsplash
Sometimes, change is good …

In these last few years, I have seen a tremendous amount of change in my life, not just personally, but with work, finance, family and business!  So as we now welcome in March (somewhat kicking and screaming), I’m feeling reflective about how change impacts us, whether it be personally, work, business, family, our daily routines, financially and so many other ways.  

It made me think of the song by David Bowie, Changes … and the line “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time” … so very powerful – but why, as humans, are we SO resistant to change? 

Resistant to change?

Environment or experience?

Is it our upbringing? or is it our life experience? maybe the people we meet along the way? Or is it simply time itself?

Talking with others, and my belief we think it is a combination of all of them, but for me – life experience tops the list.  From a very young age, I have been staunchly independent (probably, stupidly so…!) and very resistant to change (unless, I chose it, lets be honest) and yet I pride myself on being very flexible.  

Please explain?

Hmmm, contradiction right – I’m resistant to change, but flexible??   To further explain, I moved a lot growing up, so consequently now, have a real sense or foundation to whatever I do. Once I was old enough and independent I think others saw me as resistant to change or dogmatic in my ideas and ideals.  

Flexibility for me is my ‘Get of Jail Card’ for me when wanting to mix things up; I can’t stand sedentary or ritualistic behaviour.  It think that is why I enjoy being in business, I get to avoid the sedentary behaviour that a ‘job’ can sometimes invoke.  I’ve worked in some fantastic roles, where variety was provided and I loved it.

Are you moving and changing with the way business is done? 

Warren Gamaliel Bennis (March 8, 1925 – July 31, 2014) was an organizational consultant and author, widely regarded as a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership studies

Times are a-changing…

Business models and strategies change and are constantly changing, but for many starting out or even when more established, they still rigidly cling to tried and true formulas, that may have worked really well in the past … and the key word is ‘past’. 

More recently, I’m talking the last 5 years or so, trust has been come partnered with change, in my humble opinion anyway. 

Different types of change

Change comes from trust or having trust in someone, something, a product, a service, a brand!! Sometimes, when trust is given or broken – change happens. 

Positive Change:

Couples meet – date – fall in love (nawh…) – move in together – get engaged / get married = CHANGE 

… but change doesn’t always flow in a positive direction, broken trust also leads to change … 

Negative change:

Fall out of love – separate – divorce = CHANGE

This is a very simplified look at how change affects our life.  In business, this ability to shift and change and be flexible is a solid foundation in managing both positive and negative change.  

Let’s take a look …

Koala (the mattress people), are really quite good at this.  The focus is their Star rating system. They currently have over 22,000 ratings with a 4.8 average out of 5.  Koala are a fairly new influencer in the mattress world and to compete in the market they have, added value to their customer experience. They always, and I am mean always! (I checked the 1 and 2 star ratings) reply openly and quickly to any customers’ dissatisfaction of the product.  They don’t try to hide them, or delete them, or be negative to the customer. They are just consistent in their approach in building trust again. 

I may be wrong, but this is a great, yet simple, example of social Change Management.  So often I see, businesses failing to embrace the negative when negative change comes their way. It’s hard, without a doubt.  Trusting in your product or service comes way before even making their purchase decision is now what drives our potential customers.

Are you adding value to your customer?

So, in this ever-changing world, how are you ‘Adding Value’ to what you do, make or sell? 

Once again, thanks again for reading this far!  By no means do I consider myself a writer, expert in topics or a wordsmith and some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

Why choose us?

Why should you choose us? Simply because growing or new businesses can fall victim to ‘doing it all’. It’s a necessary, everyday need to keep your business and office running!

This can be a great strength, but also a weakness, as it impacts your time. Loosing precious time, takes away from helping your business grow and prosper.

The immense pressure that a growing business can face is over investing or simply not having the capital to pay a new staff member or temp that is desperately needed, so with that in mind, Officiumns was created to assist you, in your business – when needed and not locking you into a long-term, expensive commitments …. when all you need is some good old fashioned and honest help!

We offer core services; Bookkeeping, Website editing, IT assistance, Graphic Design and general office assistance – WE ARE your ‘One Stop Shop’.

There are an overwhelming amount of online options, all offering quick marketing fixes, ultimate ‘Funnels’, ‘One-Page Websites’, ‘Top 10 Tips & Tricks’. Don’t get us wrong, some of them may work for you! But we are the ones to help you make your choice, work in with your business.

Why choose us? Because change can great!

Questions? Contact us to have a chat – simply Click here submit your question and we’ll be in touch.

Time Management versus Multi-tasking

Nicola Brunton – Partner – Officiumns
Time Management or Multi-tasker? Which are you!

Recently I caught up with a good friend for a coffee and after the normal catch-up and debrief … the subject of a workplace conversation came up, about having ‘Good time management’. 

She works in a very busy / high call rate reception role and was told by her manager that it was “Good time management” to take calls and greet clients / customers whilst also physically on the phone (continuing to talk) or answering the phone! Now, don’t get me wrong I’m all for efficiency (having worked in similar busy roles in my youth).  This then led us to question the practice of the time management versus multi-tasking. These two crucial skills seem to be getting blurred and more importantly the art or common sense of customer service is becoming a rare thing in lieu of speed and efficiency! 

When you look more closely at the meaning of each one we have a better understanding of them: 

Time Management

Time management is the process of deciding on the order in which you will do tasks, and making sure that they are done on schedule.

(Source: Collins Dictionary)


The execution by a single central processing unit of two or more programs or functions at once, either by simultaneous operation, or by rapid alternation between the program or function.

(Source: Collins Dictionary)

It seems to me, that having the ability to multi-task naturally leads to enabling better use of time? … NOW, whether we use that time effectively or efficiently comes down to good time management!!   What do you think? 

It was intriguing that there is oodles of Time Management training or courses available but for Multi-tasking that had more of a skill / something you are good at normally. 

TIME MANAGEMENT = Can be learned or acquired  


MULTI-TASKING = is a skill or naturally occurring.  

Going back to the original conversation the manager saw it as ‘Good Time Management’ and my friend saw it as ‘Good Multi-tasking’, so I ask you this? … 

Does this mean that if you have a natural multi-tasker skill, you automatically have the ability for good time management, and vice versa? 

Personally, I think no, the two are very different. But there does seem to be a natural link to those that are multi-taskers are naturally better at time management!!

When I worked for a branch of the NZIM (Institute of Management), one of the perks was the ability to do the training that was available, so over many years I did various management-training courses, of which, Time Management was one. I personally loved it, but not everyone did! Now looking back I wonder if the ones that didn’t enjoy it, were naturally not multi-taskers?? 

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here, just food for thought. 

Do you know or work with someone that is great at both? Or maybe they are great at time management and not so great at multi-tasking? I would love to hear your what you think. 

Thanks again for reading our blog for February 2020 (Feb! scary right). By no means do I consider myself a writer, expert in topics or a wordsmith and some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

Landing Pages – Some mystery unfolded

Nicola Brunton – Partner – Officiumns
The Landing Page – good old fashioned data collection!

The mystery of the landing page was just that – A mystery to me!  I’m happy to confess that I was staunchly a non-believer in not having one, nor needing a landing page as it baffled me and just did not see the purpose when we had a website.  Then, I took at step back and peeled back the wrapping and hype of it all.

Remember those fun weekends when we drag ourselves out to expos – Home Shows, Wedding Expos, Boating and Camping, Recruitment, Travel etc etc … all for a ‘free pen’ or ‘mint’ or ‘note pad’ or entering the ‘free’ draw for something!! Think of these as physical landing pages, they are a platform for lead generation or gathering data.  If anything, business has got very lazy in recent times with landing pages replacing the art of good old-fashioned ‘Talking to people!’

For those of you wondering how the Landing page came into creation, well good old Microsoft delivered us this baby back in 2003 because of poor online sales!! (Hope that Microsoft employee got kudos for that idea!!).

What is a Landing Page?

Honestly, everyone has a slightly different take on a landing page from the super simple to overtly long winded, but trying to find a well-rounded description (without someone spruiking their wares!) was quite hard.  In my opinion and the view of Wikipedia a Landing page is:

“A single web page that is a link from clicking a marketing promotion, marketing email or online advertising” (Source: Wikipedia).  

Within the marketing world the Landing page also can be called a Destination Page, Static Page or Lead Generation/Capture Page.  With the purpose of having a marketing goal, the Landing page then lends itself as a stepping stone to that person by way of building a database of contacts, a Call to Action for a product or service or a simple sign up for specials or subscription, basically … you are getting your ‘free pen’ equivalent! 

To have, or not to have a Landing Page?

As a business owner myself and offering services to other businesses I do a lot of research for others and it seems to be the norm that, particularly marketing or media businesses, consider a Landing Page as an essential part of your setup.  This is ultimately the final decision of the client, the one paying the bill! … but I’m definitely in the ‘use it when you need it’ camp.  Any business can have every conceivable flashy, bling, slick website or landing page – but just because they ‘build it, your customers may not come’.    Don’t get me wrong, the Landing page has its place and can a super powerful resource when used.

Does Officiumns have a Landing Page?

We didn’t … but we have just used one for a Facebook Giveaway Promotion and it worked a treat!  If you are curious, you can check out the link here!

The cost?

Even when I was conducting the initial research and fact checking for this blog, I was shocked at how an initial search resulted in; two paid ads then four more results before I reached the Wikipedia link!  Landing pages are a marketers dream, but in saying that impossible to find anyone with actual pricing!! I found one, yes one that offered pricing on screen, a global collective of designers, 99designs.

The reality is that a Landing page shouldn’t be and doesn’t need to be expensive.  You can create for free (with limitations of course) through Mail Chimp and many other CRM or web hosting platforms.

Once again, thanks again for reading this far!  By no means do I consider myself a writer, expert in topics or a wordsmith and some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

Santa prays for children

Stephen Conners – Partner – Officiumns

It was December 21st 2018 when Santa Claus went to a hospital to visit children and noticed a chapel.  He asked Mariana Whiltley Tumlinson if he could pray.  Mariana captured a touching photo of Saint Nicholas kneeling before a portrait of Jesus as he prayed.

What do you think makes a person visit children in pain and pray for them?  I believe it’s love – the same love you experience for your loved ones.

Click the image for more about St Nicholas

In the 300’s AD, Saint Nicholas risked his own life,  rescuing children from prostitution, slavery and death by giving of his own personal wealth to provide a new life for them, away from harm and indeed giving money and gifts to the less fortunate.  Why?  Because he loved them more than himself or money for that matter.

This season, remember Jesus is the reason for He gave the greatest gift – His life in exchange for yours (if your receive it) because He loves you!  All He asks is for your life in return, not to die but to live a life devoted to Him, to love others and care for them – start with your family, despite all the pain and difference’s, LOVE them, forgive them. They may just do the same for you! 

Have a Blessed, Merry Christmas.

A Blog on Blogs?

Nicola Brunton – Partner – Officiumns

Blogs – What, why & how … 

WELCOME! to our first ever, inaugural, maiden, primary, initial blog … I think you get the idea, right.

We thought it apt to write about, The What, Why and How of a blog, simple right? If I’m being completely honest, I couldn’t think of anything more petrifying – to be on show, up for scrutiny to the world, WHY OH WHY would you do it ?!?!   One of the reasons we started our business, was that we are very passionate to educate or train business owners as well as offer assistance. 

So down the rabbit hole we go… 

Anyone (case in point, me) can write a blog, but firstly it is good to understand what a blog is and a little of its history. Put simply and as listed on Google a blog is; 

noun: blog; plural noun: blogs

  1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.


How the word blog came into existence is quite a complex journey,  but without boring you all to tears, blog was coined, in 1997 from Web Log via Browser = BLOG was born. In its infancy blog was also known as an online diary or the fancy “escribitionists”, wowee … I’m glad the word blog was created! A detailed History of Blogging at Hubspot Blog

Fast-forward to 2019 and while the blog is still going strong it has changed.  From a business standpoint a regular blog now has the ability for business lead growth by up to 126% (Source: HubSpot).  Regular blogs also get get classed as ‘new’ content for Google and will keep your website current in SEO! 

As a rule use the following format when writing your blog (and in bold where appropriate): 

  • Featured image
  • Blog Title
  • Blog Author (And image if there’s room)
  • Blog Excerpt
  • Post Date
  • Category
  • Social Share Links
  • Read More Button

Blogs are traditionally text only, but a current trend is adding in a hero image at the top of the blog to indicate a ‘starting point’. 

Font size? Really?

Actually, this is quite important. We read so much online now, on our smart phones, tablets, laptops and so on so struggling to read a blog or post is not something you should be worrying about – the recommended font is between 17px – 21px.  Any guesses what font size you are reading?? Leave a comment below.

How Long?

This topic is a blog all on its own! However, it continues to evolve, but due to volume increases Google now prefers longer blogs from the SEO perspective. Anything less than 250 words will struggle in breaking through.  Some interesting statistics state that between 1,140 to 1285 words is great, but longer blogs generate a whopping, nine times more leads!! [Source: Business2community]

Social Links

It’s really important to give your readers the chance to share or like your information.  One of the most common things we see on blogs is the inability to share (with ease, I might add!!). 


Finally, content.  Blogging can be a little fickle in the beginning, but don’t lose faith and write one or two and then think “Nah, no results, waste of time!!” I urge you to, stick with it.  Have a journal to note ideas for blogs (as believe me, the minute you sit down and try and write something … your mind will be an empty, barren, void of ideas abyss) and as business owners, we certainly don’t need that pressure.  Keep your ideas and content relevant to your business or venture, but throw into the mix fun stories too. 

… That’s a wrap … 

I really hope you have made it this far and possibly learnt something new or interesting.  By no means, do I consider myself a writer, expert in topics or a wordsmith and some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.