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Change – are you changing when you need to?

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Sometimes, change is good …

In these last few years, I have seen a tremendous amount of change in my life, not just personally, but with work, finance, family and business!  So as we now welcome in March (somewhat kicking and screaming), I’m feeling reflective about how change impacts us, whether it be personally, work, business, family, our daily routines, financially and so many other ways.  

It made me think of the song by David Bowie, Changes … and the line “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time” … so very powerful – but why, as humans, are we SO resistant to change? 

Resistant to change?

Environment or experience?

Is it our upbringing? or is it our life experience? maybe the people we meet along the way? Or is it simply time itself?

Talking with others, and my belief we think it is a combination of all of them, but for me – life experience tops the list.  From a very young age, I have been staunchly independent (probably, stupidly so…!) and very resistant to change (unless, I chose it, lets be honest) and yet I pride myself on being very flexible.  

Please explain?

Hmmm, contradiction right – I’m resistant to change, but flexible??   To further explain, I moved a lot growing up, so consequently now, have a real sense or foundation to whatever I do. Once I was old enough and independent I think others saw me as resistant to change or dogmatic in my ideas and ideals.  

Flexibility for me is my ‘Get of Jail Card’ for me when wanting to mix things up; I can’t stand sedentary or ritualistic behaviour.  It think that is why I enjoy being in business, I get to avoid the sedentary behaviour that a ‘job’ can sometimes invoke.  I’ve worked in some fantastic roles, where variety was provided and I loved it.

Are you moving and changing with the way business is done? 

Warren Gamaliel Bennis (March 8, 1925 – July 31, 2014) was an organizational consultant and author, widely regarded as a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership studies

Times are a-changing…

Business models and strategies change and are constantly changing, but for many starting out or even when more established, they still rigidly cling to tried and true formulas, that may have worked really well in the past … and the key word is ‘past’. 

More recently, I’m talking the last 5 years or so, trust has been come partnered with change, in my humble opinion anyway. 

Different types of change

Change comes from trust or having trust in someone, something, a product, a service, a brand!! Sometimes, when trust is given or broken – change happens. 

Positive Change:

Couples meet – date – fall in love (nawh…) – move in together – get engaged / get married = CHANGE 

… but change doesn’t always flow in a positive direction, broken trust also leads to change … 

Negative change:

Fall out of love – separate – divorce = CHANGE

This is a very simplified look at how change affects our life.  In business, this ability to shift and change and be flexible is a solid foundation in managing both positive and negative change.  

Let’s take a look …

Koala (the mattress people), are really quite good at this.  The focus is their Star rating system. They currently have over 22,000 ratings with a 4.8 average out of 5.  Koala are a fairly new influencer in the mattress world and to compete in the market they have, added value to their customer experience. They always, and I am mean always! (I checked the 1 and 2 star ratings) reply openly and quickly to any customers’ dissatisfaction of the product.  They don’t try to hide them, or delete them, or be negative to the customer. They are just consistent in their approach in building trust again. 

I may be wrong, but this is a great, yet simple, example of social Change Management.  So often I see, businesses failing to embrace the negative when negative change comes their way. It’s hard, without a doubt.  Trusting in your product or service comes way before even making their purchase decision is now what drives our potential customers.

Are you adding value to your customer?

So, in this ever-changing world, how are you ‘Adding Value’ to what you do, make or sell? 

Once again, thanks again for reading this far!  By no means do I consider myself a writer, expert in topics or a wordsmith and some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

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