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Thoughts and ramblings

Thoughts and ramblings on human behaviour in March 2020

As I sit and start to write this months blog, I would normally draw on recent happenings, either from life, close friends or business, but given the enormity of the current worlds every-changing model, I really struggled to put pen-to-paper this month. So I thought I’d talk about ‘us’ and our human behaviour.

Photojournalism and human behaviour

I have always been a ‘people watcher’ and love to observe humans as they go about their lives. Always looking far beyond the tangible and the ‘now’.  I also have a passion for photojournalism.  The thought or concept of being able to capture in a single frame, a feeling / thought or moment as a photo, was simply astonishing to me. 

I’m certainly not immune to the current feeling of the unknown or fear that so many are experiencing with COVID-19. I check everyday the WHO COVID-19 Dashboard to follow the changes and trends, and tell myself, “we are doing OK!”.

Human behaviour - stay at home
Stay at Home

It’s natural, as humans that the minute we are told or asked to do something slightly different, we question it. Some even rebel!! It is possible to change our human behaviour … If you can, stay at home.

I love how the comical type skits, parodies of tube rides (from you bathroom), celebrities posting selfie videos, Talk show hosts recording from home and singers checking in, are flowing on various forms of social media …

We all cope in different ways. 

The harder things to watch unfold and experience are the devastating affects of job losses, businesses suffering or closing, parents with children in schools, parents with grown children living away from home and so much more. 

Looking for guidance is found in many ways. Some through our government, our faith, our family and friends, submerging ourselves with binge TV on Netflix, TV, Prime or YouTube.   However you find YOUR way to cope, it’s the right way for you.  For the introverts, it probably feels a bit like ‘business as normal! But for the more social among us, this period of time is an odd one. We know for sure that this will pass and we will flatten the curve. 

In conclusion, below are a selection of contact number and links: Feel assistance, help bring a smile or fill in the day and general interest.

Covid-19 Help & Hotlines

If you are quarantined at home and have no support to deliver food and medicine then call the Community Recovery Hotline – 1800 173 349

National Coronavirus Helpline – 1800 020 080
Domestic Violence Hotline – 1800 737 732
Mental Health Access Line – 1300 642 255
Kids Helpline – 1800 551 800
Queensland Health – 13 43 25 84
Lifeline – 13 11 14
Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636

Emergency Business Hotlines:
Federal Government Hotline – 13 28 46
Queensland Business Hotline – 1300 654 687
Australian Tax Office Hotline – 1800 806 218
Centrelink Hotline – 13 74 68

Virtual Tours and Museums:  (Please note, virtual tours will normally require a ‘flash player’. This may put a heavier than normal strain on your computer or device, ie could be slower (but worth it!)


The Lourve Museum – Paris

Egyptian Antiquities – Collections from the Pharaonic period are displayed on the east side of the Sully wing, on the ground floor and 1st floor.

Galerie d’Apollon – The Galerie d’Apollon, situated above the Petite Galerie, was destroyed by fire in 1661 and rebuilt by Le Vau. The ceiling, begun by Le Brun, is a homage to the Sun King, Louis XIV. The central panel, Apollo Slaying the Serpent Python, is by Delacroix (1851). The gallery was recently restored.

Guggenheim Museum – Online collections.

Guggenheim Museum – from home

Comedians / Celebrities/Talk Show Hosts:

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Fallon – Stay at Home Edition

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Art & Culture:

Sir Patrick Stewart Reading a Sonnet a Day

Andrew Lloyd Webber – A composer at home

National Geographic Image Collections – The National Geographic Image Collection is one of the world’s most significant photography archives. Its tens of millions of images capture the planet (and beyond) as explored by scientists, adventurers, writers, and photographers, from the 19th century through today.

Around the world seen by drone:

Eiffel Tower – Drone footage

Over Iceland – Drone footage

DubaiDrone footage

Thanks again for reading our March 2020 blog looking at human behaviour (…and it’s been a long and interesting month!). By no means do I consider myself a writer, expert in topics or a wordsmith and some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

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