So, how are you doing?

Nicola Brunton – Owner – Officiumns


So, how are you doing? At the moment, for many this question is SO overwhelmingly daunting, but also being greatly overshadowed – by simply just trying to keep your business, sanity or working livelihood afloat! 

The end of April is just around the corner and the questions still lurks out there, when will some normality return for us, for the business owners, for the workers – for everyone. 

If one thing has become blatantly clear these past few weeks and months, it is that our old ‘normal’ is fast becoming, a fading, fond memory. 

While the Government and States are providing stimulus packages and services to struggling business (that qualify!). This, sadly doesn’t help with the essentials and what I like to call the ‘now’ of business.  I certainly do envy their job in having to navigate the country through this. Yet there is a sense of comfortableness they have, that we don’t. 

Impact on established businesses

As a small business owner myself, (and I mean small). I’m a sole trader… just me!  I have seen, first hand, the devastating impact and effects, when businesses literally close overnight.  A lovely, long-time client has closed her health clinic, established for over 10 years … closed within two days.  

Everyone is making such hard choices …

I would love to share a hopefully, uplifting story. Faith is the owner of Homemade Bliss, on the Sunshine Coast and like so many of us has been severely impacted by COVID-19.  In late March Faith made the hardest decision in her 11 years of business. She stood down her staff as she had lost 95% of her wholesale customers. These came directly from the restaurant and café wholesale trade. Loosing their business due to the restrictions currently in place.  These decisions that business owners are forced to make are done with the heaviest of hearts. BUT also with a vision to the future for wanting to keep their businesses afloat.  

With many fixed overheads still in place, reinventing what we do seems to our ‘new normal’ for the coming months.  Homemade Bliss are working hard and focussing on ‘Grab and Go’ boxes. These are for cafes and home delivery boxes too. All featuring a stunning mix of Homemade Bliss goodies.  Collaboration with other struggling businesses has been another way to gain maximum exposure as well. 

We all have something to offer

If I’m being honest, this is a really shitty time for many. BUT, beyond the tears, stress, heartache is the amazing strength, perseverance, positive and embracing nature of the community and sheer determination that we all possess. 

The We are all in this together’ has never been truer and as business owners now is the time to share your stories, ask for help if needed, try your best to navigate through this unique and uncertain time. 

Part of what I do for my clients is short video tutorials or tips and tricks.  Given many of us have be thrown into the abyss of loosing core staff or having to rethink how we manage our business. I am more than happy to assist anyone that needs help at the moment. If I can assist with a video to answer your questions, whether its about posting to social media, dealing with Mailchimp or website questions!! I’m more than happy to help, if I can.

Just ask …

 no strings, no charge

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By no means do I consider myself a writer. Nor an expert in topics, or a wordsmith. I’m some of you will no doubt spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (I do try to spot them before posting lol …), but its about enjoying the journey for yourself and giving your business the chance to inform, create and share.

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