Stephen Conners – Partner – Officiumns

It was December 21st 2018 when Santa Claus went to a hospital to visit children and noticed a chapel.  He asked Mariana Whiltley Tumlinson if he could pray.  Mariana captured a touching photo of Saint Nicholas kneeling before a portrait of Jesus as he prayed.

What do you think makes a person visit children in pain and pray for them?  I believe it’s love – the same love you experience for your loved ones.

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In the 300’s AD, Saint Nicholas risked his own life,  rescuing children from prostitution, slavery and death by giving of his own personal wealth to provide a new life for them, away from harm and indeed giving money and gifts to the less fortunate.  Why?  Because he loved them more than himself or money for that matter.

This season, remember Jesus is the reason for He gave the greatest gift – His life in exchange for yours (if your receive it) because He loves you!  All He asks is for your life in return, not to die but to live a life devoted to Him, to love others and care for them – start with your family, despite all the pain and difference’s, LOVE them, forgive them. They may just do the same for you! 

Have a Blessed, Merry Christmas.

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