Sometimes you can feel like you are you are the CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, Media Guru, IT person … whether in your business or for your employer!  

The ethos of Officiums is to provide you with the option to reclaim your time in your business.  

We totally get that small tasks, or what we perceive as small can really be our undoing in our everyday business procedures!  We often hear that while you are happy to learn how to, you literately just don’t have the desire or the time and the thought of paying some huge corporate … scares us ALL!  

Rest assured Officiumns will look after you, no matter what your need is.  

Websites, artwork & General office documents

The Rest, we can do!
  • Need a simple edit or change to your website? Sometimes all we need is an email updated or staff member profile changed or updated. Officiumns can help.
  • Artwork, hmmm … we feel your pain! For businesses it can equal big dollars, even for the simplest requests. The commercial printer, screen printer and sometimes web deveoplers want strange file types from you – Vector images, EPS, PDF print ready files with 3mm bleeds …. ‘What on earth are those you ask!! Officiumns can help.
  • Creation or editing your general office documents
  • Assistance with or creation of emails, including dedicated mail marketing software eg; MailChimp

Our prices start from $65.00 p/h – Contact us for a full pricing schedule

We offer simple payment options with payments through Square, fast, easy, stress-free!

Not sure we can help, no worries! Just click here and send a message and we will be in touch.