Mission Statement; purpose & function

The ethos of Officiumns is simply to help; providing your business or not-for-profit with the assistance to reclaim the time, in your business. Based on the stunning Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia we aim to stick to the KISS theory – ‘K eep I t S imple … S eriously!’ with a virtual or remote service & also offer in-person consultations on the Coast, keeping your costs realistic.

The Who?

Officiumns … That’s a weird name right?

Officiumns, while different & unique was chosen to reflect the real & quite desperate need in today’s business world for baseline office & business assistance (that doesn’t break the bank!).

Latin ‘Officium’ translates to:

  • Office, Service, Sense of Duty, Trust & Function

Greek ‘Officium’ translates to:

  • Appropriate behaviour, Befitting Actions & Proper Function

… The historical stuff

It is very rare these days to have staff that can pretty much put there hand to most jobs, well; that’s us (but in the Office & Business world)!

With an amazing skill set, we have you covered. Financial / Bookkeeping; Graphic Art / Design, Websites, Editing Documents, Marketing, Data entry / Databases … the list goes on.

Most importantly, we value being honest and if there is something we can’t do (it’s rare, but does happen!), we would tell you.

We are confident we can help you, Just click here and send a message and we will be in touch.

Or call 07 5375 6152 or 0484 321 535

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