Why choose us?

Why should you choose us? Simply because growing or new businesses can fall victim to ‘doing it all’. It’s a necessary, everyday need to keep your business and office running!

This can be a great strength, but also a weakness, as it impacts your time. Loosing precious time, takes away from helping your business grow and prosper.


The immense pressure that a growing business can face is over investing or simply not having the capital to pay a new staff member or temp that is desperately needed, so with that in mind, Officiumns was created to assist you, in your business – when needed and not locking you into a long-term, expensive commitments …. when all you need is some good old fashioned and honest help!

We offer core services; Bookkeeping, Website editing, IT assistance, Graphic Design and general office assistance – WE ARE your ‘One Stop Shop’.

There are an overwhelming amount of online options, all offering quick marketing fixes, ultimate ‘Funnels’, ‘One-Page Websites’, ‘Top 10 Tips & Tricks’. Don’t get us wrong, some of them may work for you! But we are the ones to help you make your choice, work in with your business.

Why choose us? Because change can great!

Questions? Contact us to have a chat – simply Click here submit your question and we’ll be in touch.

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