Hey! thanks for checking in today to our Tips & Tricks page. 

Believe me when I say, I know the frustration you experience when sometimes just needing an simple (short lol) and uncomplicated fix to a problem you may be having.  We all do it, not sure how to do something? we Google it and then swamped by options on YouTube – Thats fine, if you have time to burn, but as business … we simply don’t!!

Check out my introduction below.  Video will be posted regularly starting in March 2020. 

Tips & Tricks – Free Training Videos

Tips & Tricks Videos – Xero – Email to Bill

Xero – Email to Bill

Tips & Tricks Videos – Xero – Invoice Reminders

Xero Tip – Invoice Reminders

Tips & Tricks Videos – Cool Shortcuts using your Spacebar!!

Simple Shortcuts using your Spacebar!!

Tips & Tricks Videos – Adding Links to your Facebook Posts

Tips & Tricks Videos – Introduction to Google Analytics

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